What Image Are Your Clothes Projecting?

Your clothes are talking about you! Not in words, of course, but in many ways. What you wear expresses how you feel about yourself and what image you want to project. We’re all fabulous on the inside whether we feel it or not. So dress in a way that reflects your inner beauty.


You want to be what people notice rather than the clothes you wear. Do people say to you, “I love that blouse” (dress, skirt, shoes, etc.) or do they say “You look fabulous” (amazing, wonderful, etc)? When I work with clients one of my goals is to help them learn how to use their clothes, hair, make-up and accessories to support their inner beauty. This way you are the one being noticed, rather than your clothes. When getting dressed is easy, you can concentrate on what’s in front of you and feel confident in your appearance.


Most every time I work with a client I hear, “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing that I feel good wearing.” I can help you dress so that you’re comfortable and confident in your appearance in every situation, allowing your inner beauty shine.



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