Determining Your Signature Style

Dressing with confidence is more than wearing the latest trend. It’s about feeling confident because you know who you are and are able to translate that through your clothes, hair and accessories.


Ask yourself a couple of questions:
Do I feel comfortable and confident in my clothes?
Do my clothes reflect my true personality?
If you answered “yes” then you know your style or are well on your way to knowing your own style. Perhaps you could use some help putting everything together or incorporating trends while staying true to your style and budget.
If you answered “no” perhaps you’re ready to explore your true style. A few things to ask yourself are:
  • What image am I trying to project?
  • When I look at images online and in magazines what am I drawn to consistently?
  • Who is my style icon? What is it about this person’s style that attracts me? Can I see myself dressing in a similar way?
  • What is my lifestyle?
  • What is my career?
Two of the most stylishly dressed women that I know – a good friend and my sister – always look chic, and they make it look easy.  The truth is, though, that is takes time, effort and planning.
I can assist you in determining your signature style, and help you dress so that you feel comfortable and confident in every situation. Looking chic has never been so easy when you have the right help!
Click here to contact me for more information.

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