How To Build A Jewelry Wardrobe

I have always loved jewelry. Even as a toddler my mother let me try on her jewelry. When I see a piece that I love my heart races and my temperature rises. Would I rather have a new car or jewelry? No contest. I’ll take the jewels!

What is the formula for a terrific casual look? Take a basic tee and jeans. Add fabulous jewelry. What is the formula for a terrific dressy look? Take an outfit, any outfit, and add fabulous jewelry.

Most of us don’t start out with jaw dropping jewelry. So how do we build a jewelry wardrobe over time? I recommend starting with the basics – the classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Unless otherwise noted, all the jewelry featured here is from Patricia Marie Fine Jewelry.

Diamond studs can be paired with anything from dressy to casual. You can get a similar look without spending as much with another clear gemstone like sapphire or topaz. Many people don’t realize that, while the most recognized color of sapphires is blue, they can also be a translucent white. Purchase the best quality you can afford and look for screw backs to ensure you don’t lose your investment pieces. I suggest going to a jeweler that you trust when purchasing diamonds. These earrings are from stock photos.


An alternative to diamond studs is a pair of gold hoops. These 18k gold hoops are great on their own or worn with an earring charm.


What I call a “whisper necklace” can be subtle and worn with everything from jeans to business suits. They can be layered with other things or worn alone.

photo (3)

A gold chain is a classic piece that can be worn on it’s own or paired with other pieces. If this isn’t in your budget, an oxidized silver chain with some gold throughout is a modern alternative. Pendants, or enhancers, can be alternated for different looks.


Pearl necklaces, while traditionally considered an essential piece to any lady’s wardrobe, get an updated look by wearing them wire wrapped or in a color other than classic white.


Classic watches such as these will stand the test of time.

W026086WW00 Omega Constellation

Dangle earrings can turn a pretty dress into a party dress, or pair them with jeans and a dressy top. The options are endless and can express your individual style.

Photo (27)

While a signet ring is classic, there really isn’t a basic jewelry wardrobe ring. This is another area where your individuality can shine.


Bangles are a jewelry wardrobe staple – yellow, white or rose gold, thick, thin, a few or an arm full. These can be added over time and layered. A cuff can be a great statement piece.

Diamond Cuff

I can help you build your jewelry wardrobe over time. Contact me here if you have questions.


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