Your Coat Wardrobe

We Tennesseans usually have four distinct seasons. We can go from needing a light jacket to the heaviest of coats. I love jackets and coats of all kinds and hope the weather cools soon so I can pull out some of my jackets.

Generally, I try to avoid much detail in a coat and look for a classic that will stand the test of time. If I spend much on a coat (most coats are a bit of an investment) then the classic stretches my dollars further. I avoid hoods unless it is for utilitarian purposes, and then I look for a detachable hood or one that can be rolled in a zipper compartment of the collar. Once I have the basic coats then I start adding some fun ones – whether that be in color, style or purpose.

If you can only have one coat my recommendation is a cotton trench coat. It’s a nice mid-weight coat that can be worn with everything from jeans to a dress. Opt for a knee length coat so that it is most versatile. Personally, I like a black trench because it can go dressier; however, some folks look better in a tan trench while some prefer a pop of color. I like this one from Brooks Brothers. Banana Republic also has a nice trench that is reasonably priced.


For a warmer coat try a neutral color like grey or taupe to go with most everything in your wardrobe. I prefer grey to black for a go-to winter coat because it is softer than black, and actually goes with more things than black. Here are several coats that are available in grey or taupe.

Image 1 Image 17 89e092d0-c290-4e63-9451-8b66153db2fd

Or try a pretty lighter color like one of these light grey or winter white coats.

Image 12 Image 15 d41d7e26-0d71-4032-ba6c-bf4a81e80866

This camel coat is classic and beautiful.

Image 16

Once you have your basic winter coats it is nice to have something different.

Image 9 Image 18

If you need a winter coat for super casual activities you may want a puffer. Most puffer jackets make me feel like the Michelin man. One of the few that I’ve seen that don’t make me feel so large is this one by Patagonia, available locally at Bink’s Outfitters.

Image 4

For a sporty, lightweight jacket one of my favorites is the classic Barbour below. It has details such as the dip in the rear hem which covers the bum nicely, and the way the waist nips in a bit. Locally, you can find this at Gus Mayer and Nordstrom.

Image 6

A leather jacket can be worn with jeans, a skirt, dress or dress pants. In my book, it’s a wardrobe staple. This cognac colored jacket is great with grey, winter white, or black.

Image 14

Moto jackets are trending this season. This one is reasonably priced and can be paired with a dress or jeans.

Image 10

A cape can be a nice way to keep warm. This one, with it’s soft grey and blush color, is as pretty as it is soft.

Image 19

Some people are opposed to wearing fur, but if fur IS for you, this is a beautiful jacket.

Image 2

I can help you get your wardrobe ready for the fall weather that is upon us. Contact me here to schedule an appointment.


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