Comfy Week-End Wear

When the week-end arrives I usually feel whipped and want to slip my feet into something super comfy and keep them on all week-end. Something like this:


Since wearing house slippers isn’t the best look, I’ve pulled together a few options for casual wear – for the parts of the week-end when you just want to to comfortable!

The weather can swing dramatically and we still have some warm days ahead. This tank dress layered with a cashmere and cotton sweater is great for the cool mornings.  You can shed the sweater as the day progresses and the temperature rises. These suede sneakers are comfortable and a cut above canvas ones. You’re hands-free for all your week-end errands with this cross body bag.


There isn’t much that is more comfortable than leggings and an oversize sweater. The wine color of the jacket is versatile and a nice alternative to traditional black. The blue grey leggings are bit unexpected as well.


Another option is this dress and cozy sweater. Wear the heels pictured for a dressier look or ballet flats if you want to be comfortable.


These jeans and sweater paired with a military anorak are great for cooler days. The calf hair sneaker is one of my favorite shoes of the season. I like the color of the berry cross body bag.


These leggings and oversize pale blush sweater will be comfy and warm. The grey Converse tennis shoes are a nice alternative to stark white for fall and winter.


If you’ve been wondering how to look chic and be comfortable in the cooler weather, contact me here and I’ll help you get your entire wardrobe ready for the cooler weather ahead.


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