Thanksgiving Holiday Wear

Do you look forward to the parties and holiday gatherings of the season but dread the idea of deciding what you’ll wear? I can help you get ready for the events of the season now so that you can accept invitations in confidence knowing that you have just what you need hanging in your closet.
Here are some looks that I’m loving.

Image 1

I love the rich textures that come with dressing in cold weather. The outfit pictured above combines wool pants, cashmere sweater, fur vest and suede handbag and booties.

Image 2

I like the combination of black and navy, especially when the navy is next to one’s face. Although I have a lot of black in my wardrobe I find that navy usually adds softness to one’s skin more than black.

Image 3

The color of the leather pants is one of my favorites.

Image 4

A pretty coat such as this emerald one doesn’t have to be saved for dress up.

Image 5

You may notice that the earrings pictured above are the same ones that are pictured in the first image. I help clients with all their wardrobe needs, including jewelry. When selected with your wardrobe in mind a great pair of earrings can be worn with a multitude of outfits.

Image 6

Whether your calendar calls for dinner out with friends, a concert or a party the outfit pictured above is sure to be a winner.

Image 7

You’re ready for any number of invitations with a little black dress such as this one!
Contact me to schedule an appointment so you and your wardrobe will be ready for the season.


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