Baby It’s Cold Outside

We can be warm and look good at the same time! The key to staying warm in the very, very cold weather is to be covered well! For me, that means my warmest coats, gloves, boots, scarf and hat.


Black with brown fur trim is classic and I never tire of it. Just because there is a little fur trim on this coat I wouldn’t save it for a special occasion. It can be worn with everything from a dress to black dress trousers or corduroy pants to jeans.


The softness of this ensemble makes me smile!


I adore a white coat. Any color accessories look great, and I love the black and white combination. If I didn’t already own a white coat, this is the one I would purchase.


What can I say? The vicuna and grey ensemble is just a beautiful combination of texture and colors.


The handbag is on a friend’s short list of purchases for the winter. I’ll be able to enjoy looking at it in person if she makes the purchase. The rest of the ensemble isn’t half bad either!


There are just times when we want to feel super casual in the cold weather while still looking nice. This puffer is just the answer.


I don’t wear a lot of red, but if I did this would be what I would wear. The navy and red is such a pretty combination, and I like it much better than red and black. Even though the gloves and handbag are black, the navy hat, boot and scarf soften the look.


While a suede coat isn’t the warmest of options, it works for much of our Southern winter.


This melon mohair coat may not be the one you’ll reach for today, but blink your eyes and we’ll have the perfect weather for this beautiful jacket. I would pair it with winter white or tan pants or light rinse jeans.


You’ll be toasty warm and beautiful in this eggplant colored coat and fur hat.

Here’s to being warm and looking good. Cheers!

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