How To Transition to A Spring Wardrobe

The sun is shining (at least it was when I wrote this post!), the temperature is warmer, flowers are beginning to hint at their blooming, and we all seem to be ready for spring. Are you baffled at what to wear on these first few days that feel spring-like? It’s flat-out cold in the morning and by afternoon it feels almost like sandal weather. Here are some of my suggestions.

Image 1

Switch your darker colors for lighter colors. I was having lunch with a friend yesterday who was wearing a sweater similar to the one pictured above. She was wearing it with blue jeans, brown boots and a brown tee. She asked how to dress more spring-like and still be warm. That question was the inspiration for this post. My answer was to switch the blue jeans to white jeans and the brown tee to a white blouse or tee. Rather than boots wear closed toe shoes or boots in a light color. You can also begin wearing your lighter color handbags as we transition our wardrobe to spring.

Image 2

Wear a lighter color coat. I always love a white coat. To me, it looks like a breath of fresh air in early spring. Where you might have worn black suede boots with all black in the winter, I recommend a closed toe shoe like this black patent d’orsay flat for spring. For an every-day look try a cotton shirt or tee. Depending on your lifestyle you may prefer a more casual white or off-white coat.

Image 3

Begin wearing a spring palette in clothes that will keep you warm, such as this grey sweater and pink pants. The chalk color coat with grey trim is light-weight and versatile.

Image 4

Trade your dark rinse jeans in for a lighter wash as spring nears. How light you go depends on your comfort level, age and body shape. You can also pull out your white jeans and begin wearing them. This outfit would be great paired with white jeans.

Image 5

Here is another way to lighten up your color palette. Although this entire outfit says “spring” the wearer will stay warm. The color combination looks fresh, light and airy.

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