Spring Trend: Suede

I have always loved texture in clothes, and suede is one of my favorites. This spring suede is easy to wear in a variety of ways.

Image 1

It’s no surprise that I am crazy about the all cream.

Image 2

I wish you could see the back of this suede dress – I couldn’t find an image to copy for you. The straps cross in an X pattern and connect at the low back. I like to wear mainly gold jewelry, especially with dark colors like this navy dress.

Image 3

Although this isn’t an outfit that works for the masses it is fun and very on trend. It combines several hot trends – a crop top, suede, and fringe. If you are fairly young and have firm abs I say go ahead and show a peek of skin.

Image 5

I couldn’t decide which suede top to use – the cream or the tan, so I decided to show both!

Image 6

Is this dress from 1972 or 2015? It can be a little hard to tell with some of today’s fashion. There are usually some things that are just different enough that it’s hard to recycle your things from 40 plus years ago. Modern fabrics are better, for one thing. This dress is great for a cool spring day.

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