Colors of Fall: Update with Any Budget

Every year brings different fashion trend colors. An easy way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank is to add some of the colors of the season. Trends come and go, so spend the big bucks on an item only if you love the color and the piece. I have put together some of my favorite color combinations that I would wear regardless of the color trends.

Image 1

This deep red wine color continues to trend, as does fringe. I saw this skirt at a store in Santa Barbara and fell in love with it.

Image 2

An easy way to add a color to your wardrobe is in a reasonably priced accessory such as a scarf, shoe, or handbag. The color of the handbag pictured above is marsala, one of the season’s hot colors. It is an earthy red wine – a red-brown.

I recently found a pricey marsala colored handbag for a client in a consignment store. It was in great shape and gave her one of the season’s trends without a hefty price tag.

Image 3

Pair this deep red wine color with navy, cream, grey, black, cognac, and dark green. This handbag goes as well with jeans as it would with a dressy ensemble.

Image 4

All grey with a pop of color in the shoe is another way to wear this color.

Image 5

This pretty dress is shown in another trendy color called Biscay Bay. It is a great year-round color and works well on those with blonde, brunette and red hair. This color pairs well with grey, tan, cognac, animal print, bronze, and navy.

Image 6

You’ll see variations of the shade of green pictured above in the jacket this fall. Pair it with plum, navy, grey, winter white or cognac to keep it looking fresh.

Image 7

This great looking bag pairs nicely with navy.

Image 8

Navy and green paired with a pop of deep wine in the shoe and Hermes scarf looks modern and classic at the same time.

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