Dressing for the Holidays

Do you feel great about the your wardrobe for the special events on your social and family calendar this holiday season? Don’t be the person shopping for an outfit the afternoon of an event, and purchase something you’ll regret and never wear again. 

Do you need new clothes or could new accessories make something you already own “pop”? I can give you a fresh and professional perspective on your wardrobe. Here are some ideas for dressing for a casual family holiday gathering.

HolidayDressing 1HolidayDressing 2

If you’re going out for Thanksgiving dinner where dresses are more appropriate you may like something like one of these pretty ones.

HolidayDressing 3HolidayDressing 4

Attire for workplace holiday parties should balance the fine line between professional and party. If you’re going from the office to the party you may want to simply switch accessories and shoes.

For a fun and more casual look try this metallic tweed mini dress.

HolidayDressing 7

These outfits are great choices for holiday get-togethers that are casual yet festive.

HolidayDressing 8HolidayDressing 9

For the elegant parties on your calendar try something like one of these chic outfits.

HolidayDressing 10HolidayDressing 11

Here are a few dresses that I’m loving this season for formal events.

HolidayDressing 12HolidayDressing 13HolidayDressing 14

Contact me HERE if you’d like me to help you dress with ease and confidence for the holiday season and beyond.

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I work with men and women of all ages and will help you develop or enhance your personal style based on your unique attributes.  Develop a versatile, comprehensive wardrobe and never worry about what to wear again


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