How to Wear Spring Trends

Spanish-influenced flounces, more 70’s inspiration, Victorian-era nods, off-the-shoulder tops, white blouses re-imagined, comfortable shoes, and netting. Oh, and did I say more fringe, fringe, fringe? These are just some of the trends we’re seeing for this spring.

2016 Spring 1

Most runway looks are practically impossible for the average woman to wear. My suggestion is to buy only the things you love and that work for your body without breaking the bank on trendy items. One of my favorite ways to incorporate a trend is to purchase a few pieces in the season’s hottest colors.

TREND: The Color Buttercup The yellow color of this cotton jacket would boost my spirits in early spring.

2016 Spring 2

TREND: The Colors Rose Quartz and Serenity An inexpensive way to update your spring wardrobe is to add a color that is trending in a shoe, handbag, or other piece of clothing. Rose Quartz and Serenity (the blue of the sweater pictured below) are two of Pantone’s spring 2016 colors.

2016 Spring 3 diptych

TREND: Crochet and Net The black outfit is a nod to the 70s trend of crocheted everything! The white top is a modern way to wear the netting look.

2016 Spring 5

TREND: Shoulder-baring Blouses I love these feminine blouses

2016 Spring 6

TREND: Tie Blouses I like the casual looking loop rather than an actual tie.

2016 Spring 7

TREND: 70s + Denim + Fiesta Red There is a lot of denim showing in stores for this spring in everything from dresses to jackets to tops. This dress is a throw-back to the 70s. Add a fiesta red handbag for an instant update.

2016 Spring 8

TREND: Victorian Influence These Victorian influenced blouses are easy to wear because they offer a nod to the trend without being “over the top.” While the white blouse is tied around the neck, the natural edge of the hem and sheer fabric keep it modern.

2016 Spring 9

TREND: Sensible Shoes I’m throwing several trends in this one. One is the block heels trend that I welcome since it is more comfortable than stilettos! There are also a lot of rubber soled shoes that aren’t sneakers (although they are still shown with dresses, it just isn’t  my favorite look).

2016 Spring 10

TREND: Suede Lighter weight suedes are great for early spring.

2016 Spring 11 diptych

TREND: More Fringe Even though this trend is a continuation of one that’s been around for a few years, I expect it will be around for a while longer, and I love it! The handbags on the left are less than $50; the ones in the middle are a few hundred; the ones on the right are the most expensive.

2016 Spring 13

While I don’t think any of us have to be a slave to trends, it is fun to update our look. Whatever your budget, there are easy ways to refresh your look.

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