The Third Piece

How do you take an outfit from good to fabulous? Add a jacket. It can be that simple! It adds a look of polish, helping you look pulled together. This is a perfect time to wear your third piece. The heat of summer will be here before we know it!

Third Piece 1

Instead of a sweater try a jacket with your jeans and blouse.
J.Crew blazer, Chloe handbag

Third Piece 2

Whether your style is traditional or artful, you can incorporate a jacket. I like the collar of the white blouse and grey jacket.
Left, Akris Jacket
Right, Roberto Cavalli bomber jacket

Third Piece 3

This Gucci jacket makes the jeans and tee anything but basic.

Third Piece 4

These soft pink jackets are a little less pricey and still beautiful.
Left, White House Black Market
Right, Lafayette 148 New York

Third Piece 5

A vest is another way to create a third piece. This one is by Akris.

Third Piece 6

When worn as an accent such as this brown belt it is also the third piece.
Diane von Furstenberg vest

Third Piece 7

The look of jeans and a basic tee are elevated when a jacket is added.
Left, Isabel Marant
Right, Tory Burch

Third Piece 8

Can you even imagine this outfit without the Akris Punto jacket?!

Third Piece 9

This Hiche jacket is another outfit-maker.

Third Piece 10

I like the collar of this Akris Punto jacket and the 3/4 sleeves. It’s great for warmer weather.

Third Piece 11

When you’re building your wardrobe start with jackets in basic colors like this white Rebecca Taylor jacket. You’ll get a lot of mileage from neutral blazers and jackets such as grey, black and navy.

Third Piece 12

This is one of my favorite jackets because it’s feminine and timeless.
Armani Collezioni

Third Piece 13

This grey blazer is a great staple. It would look good with everything from blue or white jeans to trousers and dresses. The grey is a year-round neutral that works with all other colors.
If you haven’t noticed by now, the subject line of this post could have been “The Third Piece and Chloe Bags.” I have been obsessing over all the pretty colors and patterns! The jacket is by J.Crew.

Third Piece 14

This Escada jacket could be worn with pants, a sheath or a skirt. It’s awfully pretty with the matching skirt!

Third Piece 15

A good leather jacket and a structured blazer are two essential pieces that can be worn for years. I recommend purchasing the highest quality you can afford for basics such as these.
Left, The Row leather jacket
Right, Saint Laurent blazer

You’ve seen some good third pieces. Allow me to help you put it all together so it works for your wardrobe.

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