Sleek Swimsuits with Coverage and Style

Image 1

Summer is here! Regardless of how you feel about your body we all want to feel comfortable and confident wearing a swimsuit. My suggestion is to put the focus on the features you like and minimize what you want to camouflage. As with all clothing my recommendation is to aim for a balanced silhouette. After several woman wrote to me saying they enjoyed seeing the swimsuits in my last post, and they wanted to see some options for more coverage. I hope you’ll find some ideas for a swimsuit that you can feel confident wearing.

Many women like to cover the thighs and a swim dress is an alternative to a skirt and tankini.

The swimsuits above can be found at SwimsuitsForAll.

Image 14

The v-neck swim dress above has a shirred side that can be adjusted tighter or looser depending on the desired length. The three swim dresses above can be found at

Other options include swim shorts and tank tops. These are great for swim parks or walking on the beach. A variety of shapes and lengths of swim shorts as well as swim tops are available at They offer different patterns and colors as well.

If you like pattern you may like these suits. The halter on the left shows off great shoulders, while the faux wrap on the right is slimming. Available at

Other options available at are the shirred swim skirt shown above. The raspberry color is lovely for women with dark hair. The handkerchief hem is different from most swimsuits I’ve seen. The same style top in a solid look great with the shorts pictures on the left. The blouson swim top on the right  will surely give some comfort to those who worry about their tummy area.

If you have questions or comments please let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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