My experience shopping pre-Rebecca was spending hours looking for a top that fit in one store and bottoms that fit in another store and still not having anything to wear!  Post-Rebecca has given me a wardrobe where everything fits and everything goes with several other things and has the jewelry, shoes and purse to pair with it!  I have a beautiful orderly closet with fewer clothes and more to wear.  This and you get to spend time with Rebecca, which is a treat in itself.  ~ Charlotte

Working with Rebecca has been life changing for me.  I am not a clothes horse and have never known how to pick fabrics, shapes, and styles that flatter my figure.  Things have changed dramatically!  Now I confidently get dressed for any occasion, love how I look and feel, and often get compliments.  My wardrobe matches my lifestyle and I’ve accepted invitations I would have previously declined because I know I either have what I need or can call for help.  It’s pretty darn awesome!!!  ~ Mary

Rebecca showed me how to keep things fresh. I feel so much more put together since Rebecca taught me how to find the right fit for my petite frame.  Who knew what a difference that makes! She helped me enhance my individual style.  I called her because I was acquainted with a few of her clients and noticed how consistently great they looked.  ~ Diane

I love looking put together, but I am not a shopper, so Rebecca’s service has really helped me – and I love her classic sense of style.  I have so many options because my (smaller!) wardrobe goes much further than my old wardrobe did.  Everything mixes and matches so easily so I don’t struggle with what to wear.  And the icing on the cake is that I spend less money over the long run because I don’t make bad decisions anymore and I only shop once or twice a year.  Music to my ears!  ~ Amy
Working with Rebecca on my wardrobe has been a delight!  Because she pre-shops for me, the clothes are all waiting for me to be tried on. This makes shopping efficient and enjoyable for this busy Mom.  I never cease to be amazed at how she can find just what I need with just the right fit. For the first time in my life, everything in my closet fits and works together. ~ Anne