Ideas for Spring Break Dressing

Many of you are going away for spring break so I wanted to share some ideas for dressing on your trip. Since I’m dreaming of a warmer climate and the sound of ocean waves, I am addressing those headed for a casual beach trip. Below are a few outfits for the younger and the “mature” (that would be me).

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

This white top is so very attractive. The way the shoulders cut in is flattering on most women. While you probably won’t be wearing something as nice as the black pants and dressy heels on spring break with the kids, I just wanted to show you how pretty the back looks, and how the top can be worn with casual shorts or dressed up.

Image 4 Image 5

Sneakers for the day or wedges for evening look great with this pink dress.

Image 6 Image 7

It’s hard to believe that some of you will be wearing a swim suit – assuming you’re one of those going far enough south for warm weather. If you still need a swim suit or cover up I’ve assembled some pictures for a variety of ages and body types.

Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13 Image 14

Wherever you go and whatever you do next week I hope it’s a good one for each of you.

If you want to get your wardrobe ready for warmer weather contact me to schedule an appointment HERE.


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